We strive to achieve excellence in manufacturing through latest technological machines, operational efficiencies, commitment to safety and quality testing of all our products. Our plants are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We have Quality Control Facilities available to conduct the following tests regularly:

1. Apparent Porosity (A.P.)

2. Bulk Density (B.D.)

3. Cold Crushing Strength (CCS)

4. Pyrometric Cone Equivalent

5. Refractoriness Under Load (RUL)

6. Water Absorption

7. Dimension Verification by digital vernier calipers

8. Detailed Chemical analysis

9. Detailed testing of Bricks, Mortar and Castable

Sharda Refractories (A Unit of M.P. Minerals Pvt Ltd)

Established in 1995, Sharda Refractories is engaged in Calcination of Refractory Minerals, Manufacturing of Refractories Firebricks & Mortars, Manufacturing of Fly Ash Bricks and Manufacturing of Wall Putty. The plant is equipped with four vertical shaft kilns, two tunnel kilns, one rotary kiln, Ball mills, Raymond mills and Grinding units. The Annual Production Capacity of Calcined Pyrophyllite is 1,00,000 Ton, Firebricks is 28,000 Ton and Wall Putty is 60,000 Ton.

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Works Location

Bilhari Road, Jhinjhari, Katni – 483501, MP, India

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Katni Minerals Pvt Ltd

Established in 1995, Katni Minerals Pvt Ltd is engaged in Calcination of Refractory Minerals in Rotary Kilns and Manufacturing of Monolithics. The plant is equipped with four rotary kilns, three gas producers and Grinding units. Plant’s Annual Production Capacity is 90,000 Ton and production capacity of High Alumina Cement & Refractory Castables is 27000 Ton.

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Works Location

Udyog Giri, Purena, Panna Distt, MP, India

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Maasharda Wallcare Pvt Ltd

Established in 2020, Maasharda Wallcare Pvt Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of wall putty. Plant is equipped with Raymond Mills. The Annual Production Capacity is 60,000 Ton.

Works Location

Chandan Village, Badwara, MP, India

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Ambaji Refractories Private Limited

Established in 2022 , Ambaji Refractories Pvt Ltd is engaged in Manufacture of High Alumina Refractory bricks in Tunnel Kiln and other Refractory Items.
The Plant is Equipped with 3 Electric Screw Press, 2 Friction Screw Press, Auto Batching System, Tunnel Kiln, 4 Mixture Machines, Vibro Press, Laboratory Equipments and Material Handling Equipments.
Plant’s Annual Production Capacity is 8200 MT of High Alumina Refractory Bricks.